GardensPlan helps you to organize your garden

Planting your own vegetables is a way how you can invest in sustainable development global goals that is why we want to make planting comfier for everyone.

We are here to help you start a garden and prepare for a growing season.


What can be done with a help of our app?

Garden list
Add as many gardens as you need, name them as you want. We don't restrict you in choices, you could put both flower beds and fruits on the same canvas.
Decide What Should Be Planted
Mark what should be planted on each bed.
Group Beds
Decide how you want to place beds. Group different beds together.
Make notes it is easier and faster than your notepad notes.

Our plans for the future.

Predict crops
We are planning to forecast your crops and predict the harvest.
Maximize harvest
We will help you to select plummy composition to maximize your harvest.

The application is free all your notes would be available only on your computer. We don't track any data.

GardensPlan is to make your way to the sustainable future a little bit more comfortable so let’s start a garden.